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Huge selection of free screensavers for Valentines day! - Click on the name of the screensaver to connect to the download site/file. Please read our Help file if you have any problems.

'Animated Hearts' Screensaver
Five 3D animated scenes with hearts: a pulsating heart with Valentine Wish, a heart in fire, a broken heart, a pretty heart encased in a rotating glass globe, and a heart pierced by a Cupid's arrow. (3.4MB)
Best Friends Forever
Original 3D rendered images of best friends as young, and then later in life. Includes optional music (7.6MB)
Flying Hearts Valentine Screensaver
Glossy swirling hearts fly randomly across your screen on top of a Valentine greeting (0.6MB)
All Hearts
A collection of 120 hearts with Valentine messages in a slideshow with sparkling stars in background. Also includes optional love tunes (14MB)
Cupids in Fine Art
A slideshow of 43 framed paintings by various artists depicting Cupid, with the name of the artist and painting for all images. (6.1MB)
Valentine Greetings
Colorful Valentine images in a slideshow with music. Exists also without music (10-18MB)
Charlotte's Valentines Storybook
Cute 3D rendered fantasy images set in a series to tell a story of children on St. Valentines's Day. Includes also an animated sequence and optional music. (19.5MB)
Candy Girl
Animated screensaver with Candy Fairy offering candy from a large box of Valentine chocolates while candy animations swirl around. Also includes optional music (5MB)
Animated Cupid Screensaver
Animated Valentine screensaver with Cupid chasing a bouncing heart on a rose-filled sky. Includes optional music (3.8MB)

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