Halloween Screensavers

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Artsy Halloween Scenes
Five 'artsy' Halloween scenes with animated effects. Also includes background music and sound effects (2.6MB)
Halloween Again
Several full screen animated Halloween scenes including witches, skeletons, bats, spiders, pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, and more. Also includes sound effects (3.4MB)
Angry Little Mummy
Cute animated screensaver with several animations of a little mummy taking out vengeance on everything he meets. Includes optional music. (9.4MB)
A Gothic Fantasy
Twelve 3D rendered fantasy art images of gothic girls in a slideshow (2.6MB)
Animated Halloween
Nine animated Halloween scenes with optional music. (7.4MB)
Bad Little Witch
Animated screensaver of a Bad Little Witch in several animations. Includes optional horror music. (8.5MB)
Bouncing Skeletons Halloween Screensaver
Animated Halloween screensaver with skeletons having a good time at a graveyard during Halloween night. Includes optional music. (2.1MB)
A Haunted House
Scary appearances around a spooky looking house combined with creepy sound effects. (1.4MB)

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